Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Today was AWESOME!

With L on Spring Break and having decided that she gets to live at Papa's house until she goes back to school I decided that we needed to spend some time together.

So Mother/Daughter Day was born!

We went to Sweet and Sassy to get her hair cut!

Went to Build-A-Bear (The greatest and most evil store EVER!)

Went to lunch @ Emperor's Palace...Her choice because it has a chocolate fountain.

Went to see Daddy on his lunch break...Something we have NEVER done! I haven't spent lunch with my hubby since before L was born.

Rode the Carousel and had cookies with Daddy @ the Mall

L wanted to go play...but HAD to have her we went to the park with "Buddy"


Had so much fun...spent WAY too much money...Wouldn't change a thing

I even got in a 30 minute run!!!

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  1. This day looked like SO much fun! I absolutely love these pictures!! Good for you and your mommy daughter day!