Monday, March 11, 2013

Many things Monday

1) Mobile- I am typing on my tablet/phone. My lack of desire to move the eight feet to my desk is going to be my spelling downfall. ...Fair warning!!!

2) The Biggest Loser- I have to admit that this is one of my guilty pleasure.  I have been watching it for the last seven years. Last season I was SOO disappointed in the show and almost didnt watch this season. In some ways I am glad that I did and in someways I think I could do something better with my life.  Anyways...I am sitting here watching this weeks episode with the finale coming soon and my only thought..."Why are the all still fat?" I mean if you are doing something like the biggest loser shouldnt you be thin when it is over if you have been on "The Ranch" the entire time?

3) Fish Tacos- OMG... my obsession with this particular entree started after going to Ruby Tuesday last weekend. I plotted for an entire week about making them at home...and I did! Four times actually...The best part about this is that for one taco with four ounces of fish, mixed greens, shredded cheese, baja sauce, and a carb balance tortilla is only 247 calories with 26 grams of protein.

4) Couch to 5K- Well I started over...I didnt take the time to run any the last week so I just decided to start from scratch...Hoping to get up and do it tomorrow before school.

5) Spring Break- not mine, my daughter's. She is spending her third night at Papa's house...I am pretty sure she will live there for the rest of break.

6) UMSL- My university is trying to kill me. I have two semesters left until I graduate with my Bachelor's in Accounting and I have the most jacked up schedule for the fall. I am going to have class five days a week, versus the two I have now, two nights two days and one online class.. F@#$!!! I will not let it get me down...I am so close to being done!

7) Goals- For this week: Blog every day. Workout every day even if it is a short one. Keep my carbs low and my protein high.  Appreciate how far I have come. Survive my Finance midterm

Ok...that is about all I can think off.. until tomorrow!!!

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  1. Catching up on blogs :) I continued to redo week 1 of the C25k for a couple of weeks, maybe even a few so I could get my nitch. Starting over is OK! Keep up the good work!