Thursday, March 14, 2013


Not all that much to report I figured that I would FINALLY do my TTT on an actual Thursday!

1) Being a female sucks...I stepped on the scale yesterday despite the fact that my new weigh in day is Friday....I was merely curious. Low and behold my weight was UP!!...My hubby all cool calm and collected looks at the calendar and says "Don't worry about it...your period must be about the start." Man I just wanted to punch him in the face. I miss the days of being on the pill when I KNEW when it was coming...Never the less, it started today. One of my many goals for this weight loss journey is to figure out how to combat this stupid cycle gain!

2) A continuation of number 1- I have a standing prescription for Prozac that I only take during my time of the month. We are talking like 3-4 tablets a month TOTAL...This month...I didn't notice the tell tell "Crazy Lady" signs that I normally get. I wasn't snapping at people...I wasn't crying at E V E R Y T H I N G!...I didn't want to stab my husband any more then to my awesome "Brother from another Mother" an increase in exercise can do that for you!...So that is AWESOME! and I play on exploiting that...

3) Parental Pride - My daughter learned how to read a calendar over the last few months in Kindergarten. Today she used it to her advantage to realize that she had TWO weeks of spring break with ten days remaining until she returns to school...Apparently this means that her relocation will be extended until March 24th. I am SO glad she is having fun and that makes me smile.

4) Couch-to-5K - Well today I DID NOT run on the treadmill. Do to complications from item #1 on my list I just didn't feel like it. I am all icky and tired. I totally could have but decided that I could take one night off and not die...So and I did and I am still here...Kinda wishing I had gone though with it but at 11pm there isn't much time left for regretting things like that!!

5) My husband sucks - Well not really, but still. I am aware that this is yet another complication from #1, but I stand by my theory that if I have to acknowledge my emotional neediness for the next four days, he could ALSO acknowledge it and be nicer to me. Just saying...

6) Word Searches - I am addicted to word searches. I buy books of them. I buy the super hard puzzle ones the stupid easy ones...I even help my daughter with the ones that come on her kid's menu at restaurants  L loves them too...Granted she doesn't do well with the backwards words but she is learning. Anyways...I can spend most of my hours a day doing them and not even noticed!

7) Treadmill vs. Jazzercise - So...I loved Jazzercise...I love dancing to the music...I love the strength training at the end...But lately, I am finding myself...bored! I watch the clock...count down the songs PRAYING it to be over...I have no idea why. On the other hand, when I run on the treadmill (Not something I ever thought I would do in general let alone like) despite the fact that I am an exhausted, sweaty, panting, barely coherent pile of gooo...I want to keep going. I am relieved that it is over as well as sad. I just feel so GOOD when I am done...Something I don't get from Jazzercise any more

8) UMSL - I love school, but I am SO totally done. I came to the sad realization that if I get all B's in my remaining nine classes my GPA will drop down to a 3.2. That will mean that the only Latin honors I will qualify for is Cum Laude. This...makes me sad...Putting to much pressure on myself you may ask? Why yes I believe that you are right...but it is what it is and I am how I

9) Cheap romance novels - I love reading books...all books...pretty much anything with words. I can waste as many hours reading a book as I can doing word searches. I love them and I adore the fact that offers free ones pretty much all the time. I particularly love the "Victorian era" romance novels. There is something about reading a story of two people that shouldn't be a match falling in love...not sure why...I am sure some psychoanalyzing could tell me A LOT about what this says about my subconscious!

10) I gots my nails did - My mom typically buys me clothes when she comes to visit. Following my Lap-Band surgery she has decided that this would be a waste of money and I have to agree. Instead she sponsors  me getting my nails done on a regular basis...Something I LOVE but can never justify the $16 to get it done. It falls under the heading of not taking care of myself. So she pays for it. I compensate by only getting them done every two weeks. I keep them short and I let the color choose me...Like todays...
St. Patty's Day? Great excuse!!
Ok That is my ten...and boy was it fun...Just a few more days of posting everyday...what wonderful things you/I will learn about

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