Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lack luster week 11

Beginning Weight (12/20/2012) - 330.6

Last Week's Weight- 305.0

Today's Weight- 304.4

Total Weight Loss- 26.2

Well I lost .6 this week. According to my calorie burn/nutrition it should have been 1.2 pounds...But if there is one thing I have learned in the last year is that calories in DO NOT equal calories out.

Possible reasons for this lack luster result:


I haven't had any in three days but I did eat them. While I am 99% sure I recorded 99% of the cookies I ate I have little doubt that they were the main culprit.

Thank god I didn't gain this week. With my kinda down attitude (a side effect of me feeling under the weather) it would have just made it worse.

I have a fill today so hopefully I will post again later!

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. .6 is a great loss! It's a loss and the scale is moving in the right direction! You will get this fill today and next week will be awesome!! Girl scout cookies can be evil! Good job with your loss!

  2. A small loss is still a loss! And you are soooo close to being out of the 300s...eyes on the prize! Do you have a fun reward for yourself??